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Circuit Children & Families' Worker

Once a mum of a newborn baby approached me with a question after she had heard me sharing a Bible story, 'And why do I need God?' There was a genuine wonder in her voice. Later prompted by her question I asked myself, how many people are actually wondering about God and whether they need Him? Would this young woman have thought about God at all if she hadn't heard a Bible story in a busy toddler group? She was at a very happy stage of her life and appeared content. I don't want to claim that a single Bible story heard in a busy toddler group had lead that young mum to faith, but our God can work wonders in situations we wouldn't think can be worth His bother. Children's and family ministry are full of such incongruous situations, when we focus on what is right in front of us while God is working His greater purposes through us. And to me this is what Children's and Family ministry is all about. It is my joy and privilege to share the treasures of the Bible and our faith with children and their families, to walk together in the way of Jesus as friends and fellow disciples.

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