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An update:

Derrick has been working like a trojan the past couple of months to keep up with the orders. People were told about his creations on facebook too and that led to more orders. He has now reached his target of £2,000 + a little bit more, and is now taking a long long rest. He will still take orders as he has always done, but in his time and at a different pace and will then be giving the money to the Street Children of Kolkata, India.

Previous post:

Derrick King, who attends High Street Methodist Church, is spending lockdown raising funds for the NHS Witney Hospital So far he has raised £1,650 and hopes to reach the £2,000 mark. He ran out of wood and after an article went into the Witney Gazette, a local builders merchants has supplied him with more wood. The community is working together during this pandemic. Do go and see his creations at 23 Early Road, Witney.

Derrick King raising money for Witney Hospital

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